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Velo Chair: Design Inspiration from Cycling

Design - August 12th, 2016

“The bicycle is an object in which the user can feel a seamless relationship to and subsequently the road. This relationship between body and object is echoed in bicycle design with tubes flowing seamlessly into one another, constantly changing shape, to improve function and aesthetic.” /Jan Waterston/

It's simple, yet has a unique and aesthetic design. When British designer Jan Waterston was creating the Velo Chair, his inspiration came from cycling. The Velo Chair is made of ash and it is a response to modern bicycle design with its components seamlessly wrapping around the user, constantly changing form for comfort and then blending into the next component, leaving the user feeling at one with the chair. With each surface being hand sculpted and constantly changing, a real tactile nature lends itself to the design, begging to be explored.

Waterston's passion is exploring creative concepts and turning them into tangible objects. Objects that are not only visually stimulating but that are functional in use. Jan Waterson has received many awards for his design, such as "Arts in Action Art and Design Student Competition Winner 2015", "The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers, YFM Exhibition, Best in Show 2015", "Rycotewood Michael Russell Memorial Award 2015" and many others.

Velo Chair has a simply beautiful design features and will complement any interior design in a modern and aesthetic manner. It's a great choice for those who love simple, but very unique design objects.